Garden Archive - 2020 Pictures

These are the things I grew in 2020:

The Zuchini (aka Summer Squash) featured below grew very well in 2020. Unfortunately, I was only able to grow 1 or 2 per plant as a fungus set in that I was unable to stop.

The Scallions below were my attempt to regrow food from scraps. After having it grow a few inches of roots in water, I was able to plant a number of them in pots out back. In my zone, they come back every year without additional work on my part.

The Rutger Tomatoes below were grown in a deck container I found at Lowe's. The skin was rather tough and I probably won't grow them again unless I had extra seeds. I prefer to grow chocolate cherry tomatoes.

This Peach was one of the first to grow off of my tree I picked up at an end of season sale at Lowes. After doing some research, I found that it will take about 2-4 years for my peach tree to bear fruit. It has some spots on it, but I'm hoping future growth will have healthier looking fruit.

This Jasmine bush was actually on the property before I purchased the property. One of the many things I look forward to every year during the Spring is the smell from the bloom of flowers. 

My first Cabbage grew perfectly in 2020. My recommendation is monitor it for worms and snails trying to eat their way in. Oh and ensure you have a sturdy and sharp knife when removing the head when it's ready to harvest.

These Concord Grapes were great on the vine. When they start turning purple at the end of the summer, they get very sweet and taste just like the Japanese gummy candy I used to eat.

This is my Blackberry Bush I planted along my fence. Be careful as they can spread quickly, but when they turn black, they are juicy and sour.

My Asparagus was one of the first things I planted when I started building my grow beds. They are perennials that are best harvested after 2-3 years because of thickness. Also, I like to harvest them when they are between 8-12 inches tall.