Garden Review - October 2021

Cherry Tomato in Hand

October Garden Update

This October was a little warmer than what we expected this year. The slightly longer growing season allowed some of my plants to keep producing a little bit longer. Unfortunately, as this article is being written, we're now hitting the 30's and 40's consistently here in New York. If you're interested, you can check out the September update here.
Sage Bush


This herb is the perfect perennial for Zone 7a and it takes virtually no effort on my part to keep this plant healthy and growing.



Although I thought I was going to lose them, the warm weather kept them going to the point where they were almost over ripe.

Garlic Sprouting


The organic garlic I purchased from the supermarket is making itself comfortable in my bed. Let's see how they look and taste next summer. If you'd like to find out more about tips for planting garlic, you can find the article here.



The okra that I planted was growing at different speeds and I couldn't get a full harvest. I decided to let all the okra go to seed so I can refresh my supply for next season.

Green Peppers


I got these pepper plants on sale from Lowes during a mid summer sale because I forgot to start any for this year. Although they didn't produce a lot, it was enough to add to a few dishes.

Strawberries in Fall


The strawberry varieties I purchased are able to produce twice a year. I get a harvest in both Spring and Fall if I keep them healthy throughout the year.