Time Lapse Videos - Update

Wyze Cam V3 and Smart Plugs

Time Lapse Videos

I've decided to change the structure of the site to list all my video related blogs for now in the menu. As I produce and roll out more media, I plan to use YouTube as my primary platform to serve the videos. To my readers, I will provide links to each other from both platforms. As I take the page down, I still want to give Hoocho on YouTube credit for giving me the idea to use the Wyze cameras for my new time lapse hobby.

The following is a short list of all I've purchased and received:
3 Wyze Cam v3
1 LED light attachment
1 Wyze Smart Plug (set of 2)

I will only be using 2 of the cameras for the time lapse hobby. The LED will be used in conjunction with one of the cameras for me to test it's ability as an outdoor security system. Unfortunately, I don't have footage for you yet because the time lapse shots take forever and I didn't plan too well. I was missing a ton of things and realized I should have spent more time planning. After I produce my first time lapse, I will plan to create a tutorial for others interested in taking on this hobby as well.

The reasons I chose to purchase the Wyze Cam V3:
- The price per camera is cheap considering it's features.
- The camera is weather resistant and certified for Indoor/Outdoor use.
- The night vision is amazing on the new V3, which will help in situations where I can't keep the light on.